The Pit Bull Victims Foundation Inc.

Philippians 3:2 Look out for the dogs, look out for the evildoers, look out for those who mutilate the flesh. E.S.V. 2001

The Pit Bull Victims Foundation Inc. (PBVF) is a non-profit corporation founded in Texas and incorporated on November 2nd 2012. The purpose of the foundation is to memorialize the many innocent victims of the fatal pit bull attacks, to offer support to those who have survived these horrific attacks and the families of victims.

The PBVF will also strive to raise awareness of the growing crisis we all face, brought about the pit bull advocates and owners over the last 40 plus years, to make educational materials available for all, to let the victims and their families know they are not alone, to let victims know they do not deserve the further abuse and attacks the owners and advocates heap on them after they become a victim, to help people and organizations hold events to raise awareness and help victims wherever they may be.

We are dedicated to making sure the victims are no longer the forgotten side of the pit bull debate and to help make sure the survivors of these vicious and brutal attacks know there is help available.

One of our first efforts will be to design build and open to the public the memorial honoring the fatal attack victims. These victims include the great many human victims but also the exponentially greater number of animal victims who are maimed, mauled and killed every year by these inherently dangerous dogs.

For those wishing to hold events to raise awareness or help raise funds to help victims please contact us for any and all the help we can offer.

Far to long have the pit bull advocates and owners made a mockery out of the tragedy of the innocent victims and their families. Far to long have these victims been further attacked and abused by pit bull owners and advocates just for becoming an innocent victim of these dogs and their owners.

Far to long have the victims been ignored and forgotten by the news media and the majority of good people in America who were not informed of the devastating plight of the victims and their families after one of these brutal and savage attacks.

We will also be honoring the heros both the everyday heros who risk life and limb to save lives and the first responders who are the reason the number of fatal victims is not in the scores or the hundreds a year. We will be honoring one everyday hero and one first responder each year at our annual conference.

The Victim's Voice Videos

In the near future we will begin adding The Victim's Voice Videos here as well as posting them on youtube, facebook, google+, Linkedin, blogs and elsewhere so people can begin to meet the not only the victims themselves, but all the others who suffer and are effected by these vicious and relentless attacks on innocent victim's by the inherently dangerous pit bulls.

You will get to meet the victims who survive, their friends, families, neighbors and learn about those who did not survive. You will meet some of the everday heros who jump in, risking thier own health, safety and lives to help save victims. You will get to meet emergency responders, nurses, doctors, police, doctors, surgeons, and many others affected by these tragic and preventable attacks.

Pit Bull Dangers Radio

The Pit Bull Dangers Online Radio Show examines the serious and growing crisis associated with pit bulls and the danger they pose to us all. We cover the issues from every angle and uncover the truth no matter how deeply it is buried. You will learn about the myths, misinformation and lies of the pit bull advocates. You will learn the truth they try so hard to hide. Pit bulls are an inherently dangerous animal who cause untold tragedy, pain and suffering to all manner of other animals and thousands of people every year.

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